Handles Knobs and Antique Furniture Accessories

Press Up Industries is a wholly owned SouthAfrican company, established in 1989 and based in Cape Town.

Initially, we developed an exclusive yet comprehensive range of antique Edwardian and Victorian period reproduction handles, drop handles, knobs, escutcheons and hooks (The Classic Collection). Before this range came into being, period furniture craftsmen salttruggled to obtain hardware to replace those broken or lost from original pieces with handles which were durable, cost effective and pleasing to the eye. With The Classic Collection we tried to resolve these challenges and our product grew in popularity.

Subsequently, we at Press Up have been working hard to increase our product range and those familiar with our goods will have noticed that our products now cater for a broader base of customers and we now offer some more contemporary products. Added to our ever popular French, Traditional and Brassware Ranges (including solid brass cup and pin casters) are newer ranges of Rust, Porcelain and Crystal/Glass products.

We have recently begun manufacturing two ranges of door furnishings. These products have quickly found receptive customers both here and abroad. The first of these we have called La Collection de PROVENCE, a French styled range of door hardware that combines traditional French elegance with sturdy functionality.

The second colaltlection we refer to as The Sparrow Range. These handles have an ethnic bias that offers an appealing look well suited to the large solid wood front doors prevalent in much of South Africa.

Our products are largely manufactured of die cast or spin cast zinc, pressed strip steel or brass which we then plate in-house to a variety of beautiful finishes (Antique Brass, Antique Pewter, Matte Nickel and more). We have also developed a distressed white finish, dubbed “Antique White” and a durable, applied “Rust” look finish, both of which are proving popular with our customers. With the introduction of our door furniture came a range of new finishes- textured and hand-applied but durable. Bronze, Silver and Sandalwood have found their home alongside our plated finishes.

We supply our handles to furniture restorers, kitchen manufacturers and installers, door manufacturers, large retail outlets, specialist decorative hardware stores and DIY enthusiasts. Our customer base stretches across South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia and New Zealand. We have the capacity and capability to supply timeously in large bulk-packed quantities or in smaller volumes.

It has always been the nature of our customer’s requirements that has governed the direction of our business.  We welcome any enquiries for new products which we are able to manufacture to your specifications. We value and appreciate the creative input of our customers and invite you to continue to make us aware of anything that will minimize your cabinet hardware challenges.

As we strive to conduct our business with pride, honesty and integrity, we are confident you will enjoy dealing with us and we look forward to developing a mutually beneficial relationship with you.

We invite you to browse our online catalogue to see our full range of products and finishes. 


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