How To Measure Kitchen Cupboard Handles

What exactly are Fixing Centers?
Fixing centers (or center to center) refer to the measurement between the center of the two fixing points at the back of the handle. Do not confuse this measurement with the total length of the handle. The most common fixing centers are 96mm, 128mm, and 160mm. The change in increments of 32mm, as per universal standards.
Are you wanting to refresh your kitchen without the cost of a complete redesign?
Give your kitchen a budget-friendly makeover by simply updating the cupboard handles. Consider these various styles when exploring options for new handles:
Pull Handles: Straight bar with two fixing holes, suitable for horizontal or vertical installation.
Cup Handles: Enclosed at one side for enhanced grip, commonly used on cupboard drawers.
Cupboard Knobs: Available in different shapes, with or without bases. Have a single fixing point for use on drawers and cupboards.

Understanding the existing fixing centers on your cupboard drawers and doors, is crucial to ensure the most suitable handle is purchased to refit within those same dimensions. https://pressupindustries.com/products/?v=68caa8201064 Check out our product page for a wide variety of cabinet handles available.

Have a look on YouTube for some installation self help videos if still unsure! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCa_y2QQJfc