Knobs vs. Handles: Pros and Cons for Your Home

Choosing between knobs and handles for your home, there are several factors to consider, including aesthetics, functionality, and personal preference. Here are some pros and cons of each:

Knobs Explained:


  1. Classic and traditional: Knobs add a timeless appeal to cabinets and drawers, making them a popular choice for vintage-style homes.
  2. Space-saving: Knobs are a great option for smaller cabinets and drawers, as they take up less space.
  3. Versatility: Knobs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, offering a wide range of design options to match your décor.


  1. Grip can be limited: Some people find knobs less comfortable to grip than handles, especially for larger or heavier drawers.
  2. Less leverage: Knobs may provide less leverage when opening or closing drawers, especially if they’re small or poorly designed.
  3. Limited functionality: Knobs are designed for pulling /pushing, so they are not as convenient for doors that require frequent opening.

Lever Handles Explained:


  1. Ergonomic design: Handles offer an ergonomic grip, making them easier and more comfortable to use, especially for people with arthritis.
  2. Enhanced functionality: Handles provide more leverage and control when opening doors, making them a practical choice for high-traffic areas.
  3. Modern and sleek appearance: The various contemporary designs and finishes, add a modern touch to your cabinets and drawers.


  1. More space required: Handles generally protrude further from the surface of cabinets and drawers, requiring more space and potentially causing clearance issues in tight spaces.
  2. Limited design options: While handles offer a wide range of styles, they may not offer the same level of customization as knobs, particularly in terms of shape and size.
  3. Potential for snagging: Handles with protruding edges or sharp corners may pose a risk of snagging clothing or causing injury, especially in homes with young children or pets.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your personal preference, the style of your home, and the specific requirements of the cabinets and drawers in question. Consider the pros and cons listed above, and choose the option that best suits your needs and complements your home décor.

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